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Eastenders Praised For Raising Disability Awareness With Donna/Kim Storylines

September 28, 2016

Vocal EastEnders fans may be known for having the occasional moan about the show on social media – but it turns out that they’re also quick to point out when the show is getting it right.

With that in mind, the soap’s bosses have been winning praise for raising disability awareness with the latest episode, which saw Kim Fox’s recent antics come back to haunt her.

Kim (Tameka Empson) has been causing a stir this week after she landed her husband Vincent Hubbard in trouble by getting him a parking fine – then shamelessly stole Donna Yates’s blue badge for her own use.


Secrets never stay secret in Walford for long, so last night’s episode saw Kim face the music when everyone found out that she’d stolen the badge to get a better parking spot.

In true clueless Kim style, she defended herself by saying: “It’s good to share! So now you’re going to tell me that I can’t use the toilets.”

Kim then admitted that she uses disabled toilets “if they’re empty” because “they’ve got more space for your shopping – and they’re so much cleaner”.

It’s clear that Kim was always on to a loser with this particular argument – with no-nonsense Donna wasting no time before putting her in her place.

Donna asked her: “Do you wanna spend a day in my chair? See what it’s like not to be able to go because some stupid cow’s in there, because it’s got more space for her shopping?

“Do you wanna have someone drive you around trying to find a parking space – and then eventually when you do find one, it’s so far from the shops that it ain’t worth it anyway?

“All because the space you were supposed to be able to park in is being used by some idiot woman with a stolen badge.”

She added: “It ain’t about me. You just don’t do it – it’s wrong.”

EastEnders is clearly trying to incorporate some down-to-earth storylines at the moment – and this one seemed to strike a chord with viewers who backed the show for giving Donna’s home truths some airtime.

Our  editor was one such viewer. She had this to say about the stolen Blue Badge story:

And she would like to put on the record that she totally disagrees with misusing disabled toilets, too!

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  1. September 28, 2016 9:05 pm

    many years ago, when my children (1 girl and 1 boy) were young, I often used the disabled toilet in my local supermarket. When you’re a man alone with 2 young children, where else can you take them. I can’t take a little girl in the gents and I can’t go in the ladies.

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