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Concentrix Stopped Child Tax Credit- Telling Claimant Her Daughter Didn’t Exist

October 4, 2016

You couldn’t make it up.

Rachel Williams, a single mum of two from Allerton , told the ECHO that the first she knew there was a problem was when her bank statement showed that her tax credit payments had fallen. When she phoned Concentrix, she was told they believed her second child didn’t exist. She says Concentrix refused to disclose its reason for doubting her daughter’s existence and HMRC has demanded that she repays £4,000 of tax credits.

Ms Williams said: “I thought I had done everything I had to do, then, in July, payments were cut. One child was taken off the claim.

“They said I lied to them, that the child doesn’t exist and that I owe them thousands of pounds. They say they are going to take the money back.”

She added: “They are saying for two years I have been fraudulently claiming even though I have a birth certificate.”

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  1. Newshound’s Newsround 7/10/16 | newshoundsnewsround

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