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ESA Reassessment Exemptions: Are The Tories Travelling Back In Time?

October 11, 2016

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

When work and pensions secretary Damian Green announced that employment and support allowance (ESA) claimants with severe conditions which will not improve will not be subject to repeat work capability assessments (WCAs), he was not coming up with a new idea.

In fact under the personal capability assessment (PCA), the old test for incapacity benefit (IB), there were a range of severe conditions which exempted you from having to be assessed at all. You could even be exempted if you were in receipt of certain benefits.

DLA exemption
The most important exemption from being assessed for IB was that if you received disability living allowance (DLA) care component at the highest rate you were exempt from the PCA.

If you were assessed as 80% disabled for disablement benefit, War Pension or Severe Disablement Allowance purposes you were also exempt.

Severe conditions
There were also a range of exemptions for claimants with severe conditions. These included:

• people who were terminally ill

• people who were registered blind

• people who were suffering from the following severe medical conditions:

– a severe mental illness involving the presence of mental disease, which severely and adversely affects a person’s mood or behaviour, and which severely restricts their social functioning, or their awareness of their immediate environment

– tetraplegia

– paraplegia, or uncontrollable involuntary movements or ataxia which effectively render the sufferer functionally paraplegic

– persistent vegetative state

– severe learning disabilities

– severe and progressive neurological or muscle-wasting diseases

– active and progressive forms of inflammatory polyarthritis

– progressive impairment of cardio-respiratory function which severely and persistently limits effort tolerance

– dementia

– dense paralysis of the upper limb, trunk and lower limb on one side of the body

– multiple effects of impairment of function of the brain and/or nervous system causing severe and irreversible motor sensory and intellectual deficits

– manifestation of severe and progressive immune deficiency states characterised by the occurrence of severe constitutional disease or opportunistic infections or tumour formation.

Clearly for some conditions, such as being registered blind, the exemption was largely straightforward.

For others, especially severe mental illness, claimants often had to go to tribunal to prove their eligibility.

How much will be revived?
The big question now is to what extent will the DWP simply reinstate the old PCA exemptions, even if they are now only for reassessments rather than initial assessments?

At this stage it seems unlikely that being in receipt of DLA or PIP will lead to exemptions, but some of the other criteria may well find themselves being brought back into service.

Who knows, slowly and over the course of more years, we may even find ourselves back in a world where doctors and consultants have the final say in whether their patients are fit for work.

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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    October 11, 2016 6:24 am

    hmm those on their last legs will be supported

  2. stephen mclachlan permalink
    October 11, 2016 7:56 am

    my medical assessment lol a monkey would have been more professional,, This is my assessment almost word for word i am not exaggerating anything and all is the truth but rember the bodys and persons whom made these laws and cut backs are no more than common thiefs whom de frauded the british public of millions of pounds in the expenses sage of which all were guilty also must have pre meditated there crime of which they remain un punished for claimin things like £15,000 for a garden pond ect scumbags because the money that they stole WHAT ACTUALLY DID THAT MEAN FOR THE BRITISH PUBLIC A NEW HOSPITAL PERHAPS OR MAYBE NO CUT BACKS FOR THOSE OF ILL HEALTH honestly they call each other the right honorable gentlemen fox off rant over,,, At assessment a young girl of say 25/28 started to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me the pain i was in was due to my fathers death and stressed relatied,, which i thought was clever after 2 mins and no examination, and especially when the doctors were still not 100% then my tints was nothing also as she has it also, even though hundreds of folk have became mentally threw it or committed suicide, Her manner was shall we say if she was male a would have knocked her cean out,, but the next questions left me speechless,, as her temper built she abruptly shouted,,,,,COME ON THEN WHAT IS IT YOU DO ALL DAY I KNOW ,, THE MINUTE YOU AWAKE BET YOU TURN ON THE TV YOU DO … WHAT PROGRAMS DO YOU WATCH,,,,,, At this moment i feared if answered jermey kyile they may stop my money and see me as a scumbag, but I dont even own a tv truth,, so I told her this,, so i will never know the right answer to this governments health professionals question,, she then informed me examination time,, To which i replied you can fox right of are you a doctor nurse or anything at all and left total farcical comedy sketch right out of monty python.. eventually after being found fit for work money stopped and health decreased to the point a could no longer walk from 1 room to another 9 month of no money and food heating a also suffered a mental breakdown contemplated suicide and was nothing more than a broken excuse for man whom used to employ 5 persons in a roofing company a built from nothing ,,, and I stupidly approached this government body for help for which the only soul purpose it was created for TO HELP FOLK IN NEED THROUGH ILL HEALTH OR UNEMPLOYMENT SO WHAT IS THE DUTY OF CARE NOW ,,, the shocking truth is if a sexually molested a child of 3 I would have got 3 square meals a day light and heating also medical help not to mention a nice new house referred to as a safe house on release but hey criminals stick together all the government should and are guilty of human rights offence may they all die a nasty and horrible death

    • October 12, 2016 12:09 pm

      Call the police.
      And if any of those dwp criminal sickos try anything again then call the police again.
      Record everything.
      Sure… bent cops do nothing but cover up the crimes committed by their fellow criminal abusers… But it will get the dwp sickos off your back (plenty of easier targets for them).

      You might find some useful info on my blog –

      Especially about Fraud, Misconduct in Public Office, Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Attempted ABH / GBH / Murder.


      After all this time how come that scumbags like Benefits And Work.*still* haven’t heard of – The Fraud Act 2006 – or – Misconduct in Public Office – or – Vulnerable Adult Abuse – or – The Police – ????????????

      More of their victims finding out about that, for themselves, is the *real* reason those sick criminal abusers are doing a tiny bit of a runner.


      *Never* trust any lowlife who won’t tell you what Fraud or Abuse are.
      (those Course of Justice Perverts should be sharing prison cells with the criminals they are helping to protect)

  3. teresa harris permalink
    October 11, 2016 9:46 am

    the Tories are scum who rob the most vulnerable in society we don’t ask to be sick or disabled its not a choice and its a daily struggle to survive our families pay tax more than i get in disability benefits no mention of that is there

  4. October 11, 2016 4:22 pm

    I am a member of a Conservative club, don’t all throw the petrol bombs at once, and most of the members that use the club wouldn’t vote conservative if you paid them, they are staunch labour or UKIP voters, even green party. Most of the talk about politics in the club goes on about how corrupt the government is


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