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October 17, 2016

A press release: partners with Disability Horizons to launch free downloadable resource for disabled home-hunters

NOTE: ‘The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Accessible Home’ will be available to download, free of charge, from the Disability Horizons website on Monday 17th October.

Please be aware that the link provided will not work until the guide is released on 17.10.16. From Monday you will be able to find and access the guide here:

Finding the home of your dreams, in your desired area, at a price you can afford can be difficult at the best of times – but take into account the added difficulties of finding a home with essential, but complex, access requirements and it can become damn near impossible. This is the reality faced by millions of disabled home-hunters each and every day as they struggle to find a suitable property that allows them to live comfortably and independently.

The accessible and adaptable housing market in the UK is poorly categorised, fragmented, and can appear totally incomprehensible without detailed and accurate information at your fingertips. So how can we help the more than 12.9 million disabled people across the UK who simply want to find a home that they can call their own?

Providing easily accessible, accurate and helpful information is the best was possible to connect disabled home-hunters with available accessible and adaptable housing stock, which is why have partnered with Disability Horizons to launch a FREE 32-page downloadable guide to help disabled people get to grips with the accessible housing market.

‘The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Accessible Home’ is the most comprehensive and targeted resource ever created for disabled home-hunters and gives a detailed overview of accessible housing categories, housing policy and legislation, accessible housing providers, and useful practical advice on what home-hunters should consider when looking for an accessible home (details on where to find and download the guide can be found at the end of this release).

Thousands of disabled people are currently living in unsuitable accommodation, which has a serious negative impact on their day-to-day lives. When spoke to Paralympic ‘Golden Girl’ and Team GB para-athlete Hannah Cockroft last year, she explained her personal struggles finding an accessible home and the difficulties she faced:

“In my second year at university, I had to find somewhere with friends and it was a massive struggle. I still ended up paying the earth to live somewhere that was far from suitable. […] Every day it was a marathon just to get inside my house, and it saw me avoiding going outside unless I really had to because it was such hard work! But, it was the closest we could find to something suitable in the area we went to university.”

“Although we found a house where my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom could all be on one floor and a place where there was a ramp up to the house, there was a step at the end of the ramp (a common problem that seems to occur a lot with ramps!). There were also 5 stairs after the ramp to get into the house, and no handrail. I slipped and fell so many times; it was amazing I never injured myself!”

(View the full interview with Hannah Cockroft from July 2015 here)

Nick Marr, Co-founder of, commented on the launch of the new guide:

“We are really pleased and proud to launch our new accessible housing guide with Disability Horizons and we hope that this free resource will provide crucial help to the millions of disabled people struggling to find a home that allows them to live independently.”

“With a rapidly ageing population, the demand for accessible and adaptable housing is set to increase dramatically over the next few decades, and we need to start paying attention to this important and undervalued sector of the market. 16% of working-age adults identify themselves as disabled, but this figure jumps significantly to 45% for adults over State Pension age – showing quite how large the market for these types of properties has become.”

“Estate agents, property developers, Government and anyone involved in the housing market should start paying attention to this huge untapped market and we hope that by starting the conversation we can create a bright future for accessible housing in the UK.”

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