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The Jumblies

October 25, 2016

A press release:


Could you support a one of a kind learning disability performance?

The Jumblies by pupils of St. John’s School and College


St. John’s School and College, a special educational needs provider and UK registered charity, is crowd funding for their latest theatre initiative, The Jumblies Project.

The project will involve partnering St. John’s pupils, who all have learning disabilities, with creative organisation, Spectral Spaces, to design, create and perform an exciting new app-enhanced, interactive and sensory performance of Edward Lear’s, The Jumblies. The 6 stanza poem is a vibrant tale, full of fantasy and humour, in which the adventurous and colourful Jumblies go to sea in a sieve!

Pupils of the Brighton and Seaford based organisation will perform The Jumblies live to audiences at The Brighton Fringe Festival 2017 and Brighton Digital Festival 2017.

Using St. John’s existing OptiMusic immersive theatre, which was installed earlier this year, The Jumblies will be brought to life with the theatres interactive light beams, touch sensitive floor, surrounding interactive walls and the creation of a new app. Pupils will work with Spectral Spaces for 18 weeks to create this one of a kind learning disability performance.


The Jumblies Project is not just about entertainment but also a way of publically promoting inclusion in the arts, progressing theatrical talent and developing vital production, editing, technology and theatre skills.

Leading the project is Dan Axson, St. John’s ICT Coordinator who said, “We’ve worked with Spectral Spaces in the past and know just how amazing their work can be, especially for young people with learning disabilities. This is unlike anything we have done before at St. John’s and it will have a profound benefit on our learners educational progress as well as raise some vital awareness for learning disability issues.”

Spectral Spaces Director, Louis D’Aboville, said, “It is a fair bit of money to raise but we were very happy to offer our services at a reduced rate and hope this people will get behind this life changing project. There has never been a performance quite like this that will get audiences and actors working in harmony… the skills, tools and experience are invaluable to St. John’s amazing learners.”

To learn more about The Jumblies Project, make a donation and benefit the lives of over 100 young people with learning disabilities please click here: or visit and search for The Jumblies.

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