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PIP Assessors Told Claimant Her Dementia Is Improving

November 22, 2016

Same Difference was expecting to have a posting break today. But then the Victoria Derbyshire programme covered this, which is too important not to be posted.

Thousands of people living with degenerative conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS) are losing part or all of their disability benefits after being reassessed.
Wendy Mitchell, who has early onset dementia, told the programme how her benefits have stopped following a reassessment, despite her belief that her condition has got worse.
Jim Reed reports.



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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    November 22, 2016 11:41 am

    just another part of their aktion t4 program its getting worse are we with the dreaded dementia ever going to get better hmm id laugh if it wasnt so serious for people like me with it it brings each a day a diffrent approach of its ways perhaps we should all pick up that towel and bar of soap and follow the que jeff3

  2. PJB permalink
    November 22, 2016 12:02 pm

    This is horrendous for the lady, i have early on set dementia and there’s no way in this world can Any Dementia get better, the idiot who did the assessment is just that a total FOOKING IDIOT

  3. November 22, 2016 12:54 pm

    Reblogged this on sdbast.

  4. November 22, 2016 1:02 pm

    People who have any benefit removed should question it by getting the person who made the decision to attend any hearing to be questioned by you or your representative. They can be adapted if needed

    1. How long have you worked for the company?
    2. Is it part time or full time?
    3. How do you keep your registration current as writing reports of opinion is hardly keeping your qualifications current?
    4. Name the books you read on my illness?
    5. Are they available for sale to the general public?
    6. What subjects do you specialise in?
    7. Point out in the report what is opinion and what is fact? USE AS YOUR LAST QUESTION
    8. Did you/any person that read the ESA50/PIP2 or any other person that works for the company access my medical records? (If yes) Why were copies of them not sent when the SAR was requested as the request clearly stated ALL THE INFORMATION USED?
    9. Did you/HP receive a bonus for declaring me fit for work/ did your employer offer a bonus for finding people fit for work?
    10. How many assessments did you do that day?
    11. Did you/HP fill in any part of the form before the person/I entered the room?
    12. (if yes) What did you fill in before I/ the person entered the room?
    13. (if vague about their answer) How much of what you wrote before I/the claimant entered the room was not what you gathered from the face 2 face?

    Some of them would have the medical person on a tribunal shitting bricks and they would not give a clear answer too. If you throw enough doubt into the mix they,IMHO, have no option but to find in the claimants favour.

  5. jeffrey davies permalink
    November 22, 2016 1:48 pm

    People who have any benefit removed should question it by getting the person who made the decision to attend any hearing to be questioned by you or your representative. They can be adapted if needed they are protected by the dwp they union thats a joke have atos working there under the guise of kpmg just another arm of atos while your complaint sails through their union still working are these highly trained hcp hmm

  6. Justin Greenwood permalink
    November 23, 2016 12:41 am

    amazing, the millions that have been poured into research to find a cure for Dementia and the DWP 5 week expert training course has found a cure along with all that the expert course they run finds,now why do we have research i ask with such a wonderful 5 week program ,come to think what is the point in training nurses, doctors and the rest of the medical profession when we have this shining halo of briliance that is clearly more well informed than the medical profession all together, this dementia expert should write of to the lancet and reveal all as to how they amazingly managed to reverse onset dementia, perhaps if they are so confident of there diagnosis then they will have no problem revealing there qualifications and answering to a tribunal for work at the regulating body, no doubt this is another one of the dwp.atos.capita and maximus conglomerate of failed practioners that somehow managed to wangle there way into this role as nobody in there right mind would employ them, they ought to hang there head in shame, perhaps now is the time that for every medical misdiagnosis by these clown companies they should be financially penalised for the medical harm they cause and the increasing costs to a struggling nhs that is not underpinned by over 4k worth of suicides and 119000 plus worth of self harm incidents caused by these clowns

  7. November 23, 2016 5:24 am

    No wonder many of us Disabled Dread going for assessment for P.I.P I myself have multiple Health Issues but outwardly appear 100% Healthy I have had Severe Depression for 30 Years but worked until December 2007 which caused Epilepsy + Brain Damage I coped until then but now it takes a Week 2 do what should take a Day . My Doctor ??? says if get 2 the Stage of seriously taking my Life let her know and she will try 2 help avoid it lolz .

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