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2016: The Same Difference Year In Review

December 30, 2016

2016: The Same Difference Year In Review

January brought with it cuts to the WRAG,

The Lords were on our side but still the Government had the cuts in the bag!

February brought with it two tales of mainstream madness,

From an airline and a restaurant, much to my sadness!

March brought with it a new DWP boss,

Stephen Crabb MP. IDS was no loss!

April brought with it a play called Wendy Hoose,

About a house sized for a doll, not a moose!

May brought with it Me Before You,

A love story with a difference that left me feeling blue!

June brought with it a vote for the UK to Leave,

The EU, as disabled people started to grieve!

July brought with it mainstream madness in Japan,

People stabbed for being disabled, by an unhappy man!

August brought with it Paralympic bans,

For all athletes from Russia, which didn’t bother the fans!

September brought with it the Paralympic Games,

And sad tributes to a cyclist who died for his fame.

October brought with it I, Daniel Blake,

A movie on a man whose life was no piece of cake!

November brought with it the sad death of Debbie Jolly,

A campaigner whose first name was thankfully not Molly!

December brought with it less posts as our editor slowed down,

And waited, cause Santa Claus was coming to town!


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