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MPs Want ESA Cuts Delayed

February 3, 2017

Cuts in disability benefits should be delayed until the government clarifies how it will support those in need of extra money, a group of MPs has said.

The Work and Pensions Select Committee found there was little evidence that lower payments would motivate disabled people to find work.

The allowance is set to be reduced from £102 to £73 per week from April.

Ministers have argued that savings would be invested in a new support package for the most vulnerable.

The committee said evidence supporting the idea that introducing a lower rate of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) would enhance incentives to work was “ambiguous at best”.

It welcomed a decision to make some severely disabled claimants exempt from repeated reassessment for ESA but said it had deep concerns about assessments proposed in the recent work and health green paper.

The committee said ministers should consider using incentives such as reductions in National Insurance contributions to encourage employers to employ people with disabilities.

‘Even more difficult’

Committee chairman Frank Field said: “We expect the government to respond to this report before the proposed new lower rate of ESA is due in April.

“If they intend to proceed with these cuts, we expect an explanation of how this will not be detrimental to its target of halving the disability employment gap, by making finding and keeping a job even more difficult for disabled people than it already is.”

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “The number of disabled people in work has increased by almost 600,000 in the last three years, but we’re determined to go even further.

“Our Work and Health Green Paper marks the next stage of our action to confront the attitudes, prejudices and misunderstandings that have become ingrained within the minds of employers and across wider society.

“Our welfare reforms are increasing the support and incentives for people to move into work, while keeping an important safety net in place for those who need it.

“In addition to ESA, we also offer support through Personal Independence Payments, to help with the extra costs associated with being disabled.”

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  1. February 3, 2017 1:59 pm

    is this for all ESA claimants or new ones only? as i understood it was for the latter but nothing above tells you if it is one or the other or both


  2. ian minton permalink
    February 3, 2017 3:54 pm

    as a disabled man on esa they do not seem to understand that the medication that some of us have to take means employers can not employ us as h+s will not allow it.


  3. February 3, 2017 4:03 pm

    I think that the cut is for new ESA claims.

    Just be careful that the criminals don’t try conning you into having to make a new claim, and you find that it’s at the lower rate.


  4. February 3, 2017 4:09 pm

    thanks for that. its more for my son and others i know that are already on it.
    Ian Minton….its not that they dont understand. they DONT WANT to be seen to understand. they know exactly what they are doing.they are not uneducated after all.(hmm maybe thats not strictly true depending on the type of school they went to and how much notice they took of classwork./ or did they just play the fool cos daddy was paying for it?. ) a bit sceptical after seeing the stunts cameron osbourne etc got up to at Eton)


  5. February 4, 2017 12:08 pm

    Yes, if they were ‘educated’ then they wouldn’t be in politics.
    At my college (scumbag :D) Politics was for the people who couldn’t even manage Sociology.


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