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Paula Peters On I, Daniel Blake And The Benefits System

February 20, 2017

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  1. February 20, 2017 9:10 am

    I seen a retweet of this link by chance and am so glad (tragic though it is) that I read it. My neighbour got a brown envelope a few weeks ago and it is destroying her.
    We in Ireland, the occupied part are only at the beginning of this fight as implementation was delayed by regional assembly. They also have blocked the bedroom tax element until 2020 but PIP is here.
    My neighbours DLA expires in May and she has received a PIP app form enquiring if she wants to apply. I phoned DLA and requested all her case files including the original Decision Makers Report. This would have been standard practice for the old renewal system, but they at first said they would send them out, then didn’t. I phoned again and they denied any knowledge of previous request, questioned why I wanted the info, confirmed PIP had received it, said I didn’t need it, then repeatedly appeared confused as to what specific papers I’d requested. They were aggressive, rude and really wanted me to say one wrong word so they could hang up. She refused to give her name when I said I was requesting a copy of the recorded call.

    People in England have been going through this for years and it’s finally landed here. I couldn’t care less if I get done for fighting back, but people here need to understand that to fight the system by the systems rules will change nothing. If they evict someone, we should evict them, if they stop someone’s money, we can destroy their means of making it. If they penalise people who can’t work, we might put them in a position where they can’t work, or there place of work vanishes. Disgusted, furious and like I said this is only the beginning.
    Anyone who works for this and thinks it’s ok to dehumanise disabled people, might find its not so easy here. If you target people, consider yourself a target.

  2. February 20, 2017 9:17 am

    Apologies for my comment taking me in the direction it did but out of curiosity has anyone approached a human rights lawyer to take a (test case) manslaughter case against decision makers, Atos, when their decision has led to a premature death.

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