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Rate Your Assessor For Home Assessments: “Assessor Sat In A Different Room To Me”

March 15, 2017

Benefits And Work have published the results of their recent survey on ESA and PIP home assessments. They are full of facts and stats, but Same Difference is most interested in the “rate your assessor” section, which describes assessors’ behaviour during home assessments:

Some people praised their assessors manner, others were less impressed.

He was a robot.

The assessor sat in a different room to me as he needed a table for his laptop. He complained about the software for home visits throughout and never broke from typing to even look up when I spoke.

Turned up with a laptop. Literally zero eye contact just sat tapping away on her laptop, asked me if I spoke and understood English, asked me if I could read and write to which I said yes to both. Both trick questions as she used this against me in her decision by saying I was able to communicate effectively, pay my bills without help.


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  1. March 15, 2017 1:11 am

    I have had that kind of assessor they never take their eyes off the keyboard, I countered that with not answering the question then they had to stop typing to look up at me only then did I think about my answer, and the reply to be given. If it was now I would say as it says on the form, if they ask to be reminded I would tell them to read the fecking form. you are supposed to be interacting not answering questions from a robotic drone. Some HP’s are a one in one out ASAP type they assume answers or take a few, or one select word and make a sentence that claim the claimant stated this from one or few words. Catch them out ask them to write answers VERBATIM some HP’s will think you have just asked/told them the brand of a recording disc but agree. Verbatim means they write down what is said word for word. If you are covertly recording, or having a WCA recorded asking this with they machine recording could catch them out, If they use part replies when you asked for verbatim and have said they know what it means that could get the report thrown out as unfit

  2. March 15, 2017 7:10 am

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  3. Sarah permalink
    March 15, 2017 7:34 am

    nurse assessor started typing as soon as she sat down to record chat from the few feet from the door to a chair. She closed the door, and walked in front of me as I was so slow so must have eyes in the back of her head as she stated my gait was normal,which is impossible with 2 crutches and foot drop. She was however very polite, but turned up almost 2 hours early so nobody was with me. She failed to notice I was only wearing 2 articles of clothing, unwashed and spaced out on pain meds, as well as reporting some, but not all examinations without doing them.The ones she did contradicted the assumptions made. Showing aids in a basket that I couldn’t use got written down as demonstrated as using them. I dropped a sheet of paper and picked it up using a sticky end device . This made me capable of turning on normal shower controls, cutting up food and putting it in my mouth, dealing with faecal incontinence and of course handling papers and numerous other tasks. Using an IPad with a stylus meant I was capable of financial matters, even though I donot have internet banking, nor use cash machines. Her written report failed to mention all my conditions, (got dates very wrong), most of my drugs even though she was given the complete print out and she stated I was on no substantial pain medication, a lie. The DWP noted how concise it was! Her examination findings were written down as physio type degrees of movement,She saw me walk a maximum of 4 metres so decided I could walk 20 -50m, ignoring my use of wheelchair or I often having to crawl. When she asked about other things I referred her to the form Painstakingly filled in along with medical evidence.

    it appears obvious whereever the assessment is done that they have to fail us on most tasks, by failing to take account of forms and medical evidence, making unrealistic assumptions,why else would they risk being struck off by their professional body?

  4. March 15, 2017 9:50 am

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