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Are Repeat WCAs Being Deferred For Another Two Years?

March 28, 2017

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Back in 2014, Benefits and Work first broke the news that repeat work capability assessments were being deferred for two years because of the massive backlog built up by Atos.

Now, under Maximus, there is evidence that further deferrals may be taking place.

We have heard from a number of posters on the forum who say that they have been told that an expected review of their employment and support allowance award will not now take place.

One poster told us:

“I was meant to be reassessed for ESA in 2015, but it was deferred because of the backlog. I expected the form sometime this month, but at a recent WFI my work coach said that it had been deferred for another two years.”

Another wrote:

“The same thing happened to me as I have previously posted. I was due to be reassessed Jan 2017 but when I rang DWP was advised it had been put back to Jan 2019.”

A third has remained without a review for even longer:

“Same here. Paper assessment 2009, support group, paper assessment 2012, support group. Nothing since, nearly five years now.”

Another member also phoned the DWP to find out when they were due for reassessment:

“My paperwork stated I was due for reassessment December 2016 but when I finally plucked up courage to ring up yesterday they said it was now December 2018.”

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  1. March 28, 2017 7:13 pm

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  3. March 29, 2017 11:39 am

    I hope so because the last ESA72 I got said I was due to be reassessed on or after a date in June 2015. In 2013 I threatened to take them to court and produce just one sheet of paper as evidence of a case that the DWP would have had no chance of winning. That page was page 2 of the ESA72 and clearly said on one line WE WILL CONTACT YOU AGAIN ON OR AFTER (DATE) No wonder they took it out for the 2014 ESA72 once they know they are screwed they change the forms, but there are other ways of getting them to admit when they will contact you again, there is looking at the report for the term A RETURN TO WORK IN THE LONGER TERM IS NOT EXPECTED that is in itself is them saying two years and you should ask them when another form or assessment can be expected because with that phrase meaning 2 years still used it could come down to whether that it refers to first contact, and I would draw their attention to that phrase in any report as meaning 2 years after the last report.
    I am still in WRAG and my last paper assessment was mid 2013, nearly 4 years ago, so any longer is welcome in my eyes.
    I know the DWP try to avoid court at all costs as a recent email threatening them with court proved to be the case, but that was about me kicking out a drug dealing carer and demanding they pay me the SDP they left it late but paid up.

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