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Casualty’s Connie Heart Tumour Storyline Deserves Praise

October 26, 2017

Anyone who’s watched BBC1’s Casualty over the last few weeks will know that fan favourite Connie Beauchamp has recently been diagnosed with a heart tumour. The show has not yet revealed whether the tumour is malignant but it is likely to be.

Heart tumours, malignant or not, are extremely rare. They are so rare that they are almost unheard of. They are so rare that I would never have expected to see them covered on a soap opera, even if it is set in a hospital. However, they are a possibility and they definitely need, and deserve, media coverage. Media coverage, especially coverage from a TV institution like Casualty, will make a large audience aware of this extremely rare, but extremely serious, condition.

If Connie Beauchamp’s storyline prolongs even one patient’s life through early diagnosis, it will have done something amazing. If Connie Beauchamp’s storyline makes even one family aware of the possibility of a heart tumour when someone they love shows symptoms, it will have done something great.

Casualty deserves very high praise for this unusual, unexpected and original storyline. I can’t thank them enough and will be following it with great interest.


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