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Casualty Star Amanda Mealing Had PTSD Filming Connie’s Heart Cancer Plot

November 30, 2017

Casualty star Amanda Mealing has opened up about Connie Beauchamp’s harrowing cancer storyline, revealing it brought back her post-traumatic stress disorder.

The popular clinical lead is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with a cardiac tumour early last month.

The hard-hitting plot has been particularly challenging for Amanda, who battled breast cancer in 2002, shortly after giving birth to her second son.

Speaking to TV Times, Amanda said: “It’s been a challenge; more than I thought it would be. To play a person struggling with cancer is to tell myself all day, every day, that I am sick.

“In some scenes, I heard those words said to me for real. It invited back old anxieties and my post-traumatic stress disorder reared its head again.

“I’m happy to say that I sought help at the time PTSD was most debilitating, and was able to do so again this time. Anyone who’s survived or is fighting cancer or trauma will have been as affected as I was. When one is faced with one’s own mortality, it’s not something you can ignore.”

However, Amanda doesn’t regret taking on the challenging storyline as she insists that Casualty should be tackling these real-life issues.

“It’s very close to my heart,” she added. “Because Casualty is a primetime drama, it is our duty to highlight issues that may, and do, affect the whole nation.”

Casualty continues on Saturday, December 2 at 9.10pm on BBC One.

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