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Eastenders’ Lisa Hammond Reveals She Got Into Acting Because She’s ‘Mouthy’

December 4, 2017

We couldn’t imagine Albert Square without the brutally honest and wonderfully sassy Donna Yates, and funnily enough that sass is exactly why Lisa Hammond is where she is.

Speaking to The Islington Gazette about how she first got into acting, EastEnders star Lisa admitted that the secret to her acting success was “being mouthy”.

Not that she wanted to be an actress in the first place.

Revealing all about how she nabbed her first role on children’s drama series Grange Hill back in the ’90s, Lisa remembered: “Scriptwriters… were visiting in a search for disabled characters.

“I was being mouthy as usual, but they asked me to audition and that accident is what launched my career.”

Adding that she “fell into acting”, the ‘Enders regular said: “Everyone always says to me, ‘Ah, you must have gone through [Islington drama school] Anna Scher Theatre.’

“I have to say… I didn’t! I had no intention of being an actor. I wanted to be a lawyer.”

In equally scandalous news, Lisa recently uncovered some surprising secrets about her family history during an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? earlier this year.

Lisa made some life-changing discoveries as part of the BBC series, after finally figuring out the intrigue surrounding her grandfather Harry Hammond.

She learned that Harry fought in the Allies’ Italian Campaign during WW2, but was captured in 1943 before spending 17 months in prisoner of war camps in Germany.

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