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Movement Reality

January 19, 2018

A project that our editor is involved in is fundraising!

Movement Reality is an arts and health collaboration between an artist, people with perceptual differences due to conditions such as stroke or head injury, therapists and an academic. We have formed to explore the different movement realities we all experience through the medium of art.

Our perception helps us make sense of the world and the way we move in everyday environments. Perceptual differences are often hidden, but might be revealed for example when someone has difficulty getting dressed, or making a cup of tea, or bumps into people or objects when walking down the street. People living with perceptual difference may relearn how to do things that they originally mastered as a child, or use different ways to achieve everyday activities.


We all experience the world in our own way but little is understood about the personal experiences of people with perceptual difference.

We aim to increase the public’s understanding of individual movement realities, and in turn raise awareness of people’s experiences of disability, particularly where disability is hidden.

Our project will involve workshops to explore individual movement reality states of people with perceptual differences, providing reference material for the art piece. This will culminate in spoken word performance by the participants themselves, accompanied by a written publication. We aim to perform and discuss our work at art galleries and relevant health and disability conferences across the country.

We need funding for each stage of the project including production, equipment, transport, venue hire, printing, travel and subsistence.


As some of us have mobility issues, without funding we can’t even get everyone together in one room to get the project started.

The team is currently made up of:

NaoKo TakaHashi MFA, BA (Hons) ( an artist who has exhibited widely including at Tate Modern

Jon Cooper: studied fine art for a year’s foundation many years ago and has been theatrical since a child. He has been retired since his haemorrhagic strokes in 2011 and 2012

Shivinder Grewal: a professional actor, trained in artchitecture and design and draws avidly. He sufferred brain hypoxia as a result of a cardiac arrest and now has epilepsy

Sarah Ismail: a writer and journalist with a degree in creative writing. She has lived with bilateral cerebral palsy for over 30 years (since birth)

Athena Logothetis MRCOT, PgDip, PGCHE: a specialist neurological occupational therapist, with a special interest in arts and health

Gemma Cook MSc, BSc (Hons): a specialist neurological physiotherapist, with a special interest in arts and health

Dr Elizabeth Cassidy PhD, MSc: a researcher in qualitative analysis and neurorehabilitation


Many thanks for donations of any size, we can’t wait to get started on this project.

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