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Claimants Losing Benefits Because Assessors Say There Was Nobody Home

April 11, 2018

After this story was revealed, Benefits And Work members reported some worrying similar experiences:

One poster told us that they had waited in for an assessment with a friend present, but no-one turned up. Our member informed Capita by phone after 15 minutes and was told that the assessor’s phone was switched off.

But Capita subsequently claimed that the assessor had arrived on time, knocked repeatedly and waited 15 minutes before leaving. The assessor also claimed to have phoned the claimants landline twice but had been unable to leave a message, though our member says they have an answerphone. The assessor was able to say what colour the window sills and the front door were.

However, our member was able to obtain CCTV footage from a neighbour which they say shows that no-one knocked on their door at the stated time.

After three months the DWP sent our member’s file back to Capita and an assessment took place at a Capita centre instead.

Another member had a similar experience of an assessor not appearing, but was told by Capita that the assessor had turned up and was able to describe the car on their drive and the colour of their front door.

This member has CCTV footage of the outside their house which they say showed someone driving into their cul-de-sac at the time of the assessment and then reversing straight out again.

These may be isolated incidents based on genuine misunderstandings and mix-ups about times or addresses. Or they may be evidence of something more disturbing: assessors under time pressure doing a drive-by of a claimant’s home and then claiming to have called.

At this point we have no way of knowing, but we would be interested to hear of other readers’ experiences.

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