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Grenfell One Year On: Mental Health Support

June 14, 2018

The thoughts and best wishes of all at Same Difference are with the survivors and bereaved families of the Grenfell Tower fire on this first anniversary.

In tribute, support and with all our thoughts, we publish this film from the Victoria Derbyshire show.

Mental health support for survivors is expected to take much longer than previously thought.

Ashley-John Baptiste meets one woman who says she is still in shock.

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  1. June 14, 2018 12:24 am

    this BBC program last night will explain the history of north and south Kensington as it has always been very unequal to the worst extent in the uk. it was always a place of desperation (Notting dale) north Kensington. the program explains from 1840 to this current day and it’s because of its past is why Grenfell tower COULD come about and indeed with regret did come about. I’ve always known its history and the program is spot on

    Before Grenfell: A Hidden History
    When Grenfell Tower caught fire in June 2017, the disaster revealed a deep division between rich and poor in this part of west London. Now, residents of the community around the tower tell the extraordinary story, 150 years in the making, of how their borough became the most unequal place in Britain.

    This film reveals little-known stories of how the divisions began, such as the building in the nineteenth century of a huge wall that still stands today. The wall was intended to separate the homes of the Victorian middle class from what was then the worst slum in London. Residents share their memories of the dramatic events that shaped their community – from exploitation by notorious landlord Peter Rachman in the 1950s to the first Notting Hill race riots and the construction of Grenfell Tower in the 1970s.

    When Grenfell Tower opened in 1974, Britain was more equal than it has ever been, before or since. For the residents who moved in then, the tower was a symbol of hope for the future. But since Grenfell opened, we have become steadily more unequal, until today levels of income inequality are the same as they were in 1850. This is the untold story of a unique part of west London, revealing how its past has shaped its present.

  2. June 14, 2018 10:05 am

    So when are the Atos-Capita-BBC going to do some fake hand wringing and shed some crocodile tears for the **thousands** of people Tortured and Murdered by their “Hostile Environment” ‘Grave and Systematic Human Rights Violating’ Hate Criminal Paymasters?

    Where are the thoughts and best wishes for the survivors and bereaved families of UK Government Hate Crime?

    So where is MY “Mental health support”???

    I’m still shaking… a lot… Just (8am) had **another** of Fester McViles Witness Intimidating, Hate Criminal, nonce Fraudsters hammering on the door…. (then crawling away).

    and last week –


    It’s that DWP “Hostile Environment” Hate Criminal nonce Andrew Rhodes continuing with it’s threats –


    And THREE of it’s BS quack ‘assessments’ (how many have you had in the past four months?) –

    And the local criminal bent cops continue to ignore crime and make threats –


    You won’t see any of that on the BS BBC.

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