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Government Planning To Ask Job Applicants About Their Social Class

June 20, 2018

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  1. June 20, 2018 4:17 pm

    “Social Class”
    ?? did I miss something? Is it still the 1950s?

    “could see workers asked to divulge potentially sensitive information about their background.”
    Well no s**t! It’s a JOB INTERVIEW (ffs)

    But then hot air blower Jayne Linney is one of MAXIMUS Sue Marshs’ buddies.

    “This letter is from the indomitable Sue Marsh ,
    …in support of the #TRUTH Campaign; Thanks Sue 🙂 xx”

    Also –
    “Old Labour & Proud”

    Jayne Linneys’ Labour gang EMPLOYS ATOS and CAPITA –

    And it’s Jayne Linneys’ Labour gang of “Hostile Enviroment” Hate Criminals that run the BENT, Course of Justice Perverting criminals that Cover-up UK Government Torture and Hate Crime –


    and –

    and of course the MPs in it’s gang –

    What a BSing lowlife faker.

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