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Review: Jellyfish

July 10, 2018

Jellyfish has one of the most original sets audiences will ever see. The stage is transformed into a pier, covered in sand that is stepped in as you walk in and out. The audience feels as if they are on the beach, in Skegness, where the play is set, with the characters.

At its heart, Jellyfish is the story of two very different kinds of love. The romantic love between Kelly (Sarah Gordy), a woman with Downs Syndrome, and Neil, a non-disabled man, and the love between a mother and her child.

Agnes, Kelly’s mother, is deeply worried by Kelly’s relationship with Neil. She eventually accepts it, but not before setting Kelly up on a more ‘appropriate’ date with Dominic, a man with Aspergers who becomes Kelly’s close friend.

Kelly becomes pregnant, and against Agnes’ advice, decides to keep the baby. The characters worry about ‘the test’ which will determine whether the baby will have Downs. Genetics, adoption and what it means to be a ‘real’ parent are all key themes in the play.

The play has a small but very varied soundtrack, with Lilly Allen being followed by Tom Jones. There is something for everyone, of all ages, whether its the set, the soundtrack or the storyline.

As a woman born with her disability, who is also a hopeless romantic, I was really pleased to see the very important issues it covers handled so sensitively and covered in such a positive light.

There were moments of laugh-out-loud humour and others that made me want to cry. I recommend Jellyfish highly to anyone who wants to spend two hours watching something that will stay with them for some time to come.

Jellyfish runs at the Bush Theatre until 21st July.


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