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Holly Greenhow Wins £15M Compensation For CP

July 18, 2018

A girl with severe cerebral palsy who became a child modelling star has won more than £15 million in compensation from the NHS.

Holly Greenhow, 12, was left disabled and suffering from significant communication problems after her brain was starved of oxygen during birth. 

Described as “incredibly sociable and strong-willed”, she has forged a career as a model, working for names such as Tesco and Boden. 

Holly’s family sued Hinchingbrooke Anglia Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

Yesterday at the High Court the hospital was ordered to pay a £6.4 million lump sum, with annual payments expected to take the total compensation to more than £15 million over the course of Holly’s lifetime. 

Alex Antelme, QC, for the hospital trust, said it was a “tragic case”’ and the impact on Holly was “self-evident”. He praised the “incredible commitment and care which her parents and wider family have provided”.

Holly’s mother Fiona Greenhow said: “It’s a fight that has taken just over 12 years. If you had told me at the beginning it would have taken this long I don’t think I would have believed you.

“It is a good feeling to know that Holly will be financially secure in the future and her brother, Oliver, will not have to feel responsible to look after her.” 

On Holly, she said: “She can light up any room with her smile and infectious laugh. However, at the same time she is incredibly strong-willed and will not give up until she is understood”. 

Mrs Greenhow said, however, that Holly finds it “almost impossible for her to entertain herself” because of her disabilities, but enjoys watching vloggers on YouTube.

Last year her family paid £10,000 so she could have pioneering stem-cell treatment in California. Mrs Greenhow told the BBC how it had improved Holly’s vision and the quality of her sleep, expanded her vocabulary and given her more control over her muscles. 

Holly has also joined a new modelling agency established to support children and adults with disabilities. 

“I have been really supportive of the modelling for Holly as I want her to be an advocate for models with disabilities and at the same time it gives her an opportunity to do something different,” Mrs Greenhow said. Holly’s mother hopes that, with professional care, her daughter will be able to live independently when she grows up and lead a “fulfilled life”.

“Albeit we are delighted with the award, it has taken a lot of time and emotional energy to get to this point,” Mrs Greenhow said. “No amount of money or apology will ever bring back what we should have had with Holly. It has changed all of our lives and there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not regret what happened the day she was born.” 

Judge David Pittaway QC approved the settlement as “appropriate”, adding that he has “great admiration” for Holly’s parents. “This will enable all of you, particularly Holly, to have a much better quality of life,” he said.  

“You will have the certainty that there will always be money available to look after Holly.”

The hospital trust admitted 75 per cent liability, and will pay annual instalments of £110,000 which will rise to £200,000 as Holly gets older. 

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  1. July 18, 2018 7:14 am

    So that’s how much the “poor as a little church mouse Boo Hooo” NHS can pay to keep some of it’s criminals out of prison… and *still* IN a job?!

    Now you know where all the NHS cash goes… (and on their pies and cake).

    “Last year her family paid £10,000 so she could have pioneering stem-cell treatment in California.”

    Don’t Quacks just *LOVE* the Placebo Effect… and the more cash they defraud the bigger the ‘effect’.
    “You used to have to go to China to get ripped off by fraudulent stem cell clinics. Now you can get conned right here at home.”
    “Be Wary of Stem Cell Pseudoscience”
    “SCAM Cell Therapies”
    “What’s the harm? Stem cell tourism edition”


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