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DWP Claiming Back Rent From Grieving UC Families

July 24, 2018

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  1. July 24, 2018 7:46 am

    Fancy(ish) HD video, Lighting, love the skyline background.. 🙂 (but needs makeup and hair)

    er… A 12:48 Video …. and all he does is quote other BSers.

    Quotes –
    Welfare Weekly story
    The Independent story
    The Mirror story
    The Guardian story

    Did he report Vunnerable Adult Abuse To Social Services and their Fraud and Misconduct in Public Office etc to the Police?
    Or did he just sit on his ass ranting, whist providing Zero actual EVIDENCE….
    and asking for cash!

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    people who have worked out how to Copy, Paste should be paid for it. ..yeah…

    He whines about “Attempted Murder”?
    Do you see him or any of the media that he ctrl-C ctrl-V doing anything but completely **ignoring** any actual EVIDENCE?

    All the BSers want to do is sit on their ass rubbernecking Fake News.

    Here’s Torture and Attempted Murder (latest updates at the end)…..
    Watch all of those BSing lowlife filth completely ignore it all, yet again.









  1. DWP Claiming Back Rent From Grieving UC Families — Same Difference | sdbast

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