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Two Deaf Men Attacked For Speaking Sign Language

August 2, 2018

A deaf man was stabbed and another punched for using sign language in an “unprovoked attack”, police have said.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said the victims, aged 46 and 43, were assaulted at about midnight on Thursday as they walked home from a Swinton pub.

The younger man was hit in the face while the 46-year-old, stabbed in the stomach with a 30cm knife with a pink handle, remains in a stable condition.

The two suspects are believed to be boys aged between 14 and 17.

‘Simply walking home’

Police said the assault took place near the junction of Mossfield Road and Dewberry Close.

PC James Wakeley said: “This was a shocking, unprovoked attack on two friends who were simply walking home after enjoying a night out at the pub.

“They tried to calm the situation by explaining as best they could that they were deaf, but were met with violence.”

After one of the boys punched the younger man, the second youth knifed the 46-year-old.

He was taken to hospital where he remains in a stable condition, police said.

One of the offenders was described as 5ft 6in tall, white, of thin build was wearing a grey Adidas tracksuit, trainers and a hooded top.

The second male was described as about 5ft, white, of thin build, with short black hair. He was also wearing a grey tracksuit.

Both were right handed, police added.

PC Wakeley said: “We are thankful that the victim who was stabbed is recovering well in hospital, but this could have been a different story.

“We would urge anyone who has any information on this crime to contact police immediately.”

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  1. August 2, 2018 8:10 pm

    Sympathies and all the best to the victims for a speedy full recovery…

    Greater Manchester Police (GiMP)
    “We would urge anyone who has any information on this crime to contact police immediately.”

    So police are actually going to *investigate* Disability Hate Crime??? (or at least they are pretending to)… well doesn’t that make a change…

    Did their grey hoodies have any logos? DWP? Atos? Capita? Maximus? PCS? Unison? Labour? Conservative? CAB? MoJ? Manchester Council? IOPC?…

    ahhh Of course not.. those criminal gangs only stab you in the BACK…
    then bent cops do nothing (but lie and intimidate).




  2. August 3, 2018 8:49 am

    Maybe samedifference1 could ‘Promote’ this cover-up… er… I mean ‘inquiry’ –

    “Enforcing the Equality Act: the law and the role of the EHRC”
    (don’t forget to Screenshot anything sent using that form.)

    Even the DWPs’ DNS is ‘promoting’ it –

    “Written submissions should focus on the enforcement issues set out in the terms of reference. This could include, for example, barriers faced when trying to bring a case, but it should not include detailed descriptions of individual cases themselves.”

    I (yet again) reported human rights act violations (including Torture) and equality act violations (used to Abuse, Torture, Attempt Murder and Pervert the Course of Justice) to – The Equality and Human Rights Commission –

    Here’s the last one I sent to –

    David Isaac CBE (Chair)
    Equality and Human Rights Commission ,

    June Milligan (Wales Commissioner)
    Equality and Human Rights Commission ,

    Erica Boardman
    Senior Head of Communications at Equality and Human Rights Commission

    And – , , , ,


    Total blind-eye turning silence from all of those EHRC criminal filth –

    “wilful neglect of a public duty” = Misconduct in Public Office –
    (Up to Life in Prison)

    David Isaac CBE – What a BSing criminal slimeball –

    Criminal Justice Act 1988 – Torture

    Equality Act 2010
    Especially sections 26. Harassment. and 27. Victimisation.

    Human Rights Act 1998

    UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Articles

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