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Emmerdale’s Ryan Stocks On Public Transport Wheelchair Spaces

August 31, 2018

Emmerdale star James Moore has implored people to show respect on public transport by being mindful of disabled spaces.

The actor, who plays Charity’s long-lost son Ryan Stocks and has cerebral palsy like his character, saw a tweet from another user which included a photo of numerous suitcases piled on top of each other at a clearly-marked reserved wheelchair space.

Moore retweeted that post and added his own thoughts, raising awareness and asking those travelling to show “a bit of courtesy and understanding”.

“Please help accommodate disabled people on public transport,” he wrote. “I’m fairly mobile but for others it can be much more difficult.

“Wheelchair spaces are for wheelchairs! All it takes is a bit of courtesy and understanding.”

The actor previously discussed how he had concerns pursuing a career in acting early on due to a lack of roles for disabled people.

“I wanted to be an actor for a very long time, since I was 13, 14,” he said last month. “I did local theatre stuff in Cheltenham. I kind of went off it because I didn’t think I’d get anywhere in it.

“In order to have roles, there needed to be disabled roles developed, so I was like, that could hold me back a little bit.”

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