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Rob Delaney To Read And Sign CBeebies Bedtime Story In Makaton

November 14, 2018

Catastrophe star Rob Delaney is the latest celebrity to read a CBeebies Bedtime Story – which, in a first for CBeebies, will be signed in Makaton.

The actor will read and sign Ten in a Bed by Penny Dale on 16 November.

Makaton uses speech with signs (gestures) and symbols (pictures) to help people communicate.

Delaney said: “Our family learned Makaton to be able to communicate with our son Henry, who couldn’t speak due to a tracheotomy.”

Henry died aged two in January after spending half his life with a cancerous brain tumour.

‘Beyond honoured’

“My family loves to read together so naturally we’re fans of CBeebies Bedtime Stories,” said Delaney.

“I am beyond honoured to be the first person to read and sign a book using the Makaton language.

“We’re sad Henry isn’t here to see it, but we’re happy other families will get to enjoy a story told in Makaton.”

Other readers of the CBeebies Bedtime Story have included Dolly Parton, Orlando Bloom and Tom Hardy.

Delaney and wife Leah revealed in June they are to become parents for the fourth time.

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  1. November 14, 2018 5:46 am

    F*CK real news… there’s some PC posing from yet another Z-List Celeb.

    So when is Samedifference1 having her First WCA???

    Are CBeebies going to sign any of these stories?…

    Nan with breast cancer denied disability benefit – and told she ‘did not appear in pain’ –

    ‘Benefits cuts have taken the heart out of our society’ says blind driver deemed ‘fit to work’ by DWP –

    Woman, 22, with growth-stunting tumours on her ‘crumbling’ spine has disability benefits taken away –

    Universal Credit will cost the DWP more than the benefits system it replaces –

    Vile nurse who pinned down and pushed dementia patients at West Lothian care home convicted over cruel abuse –

    The DWP is under fire for ‘selling out’ disabled people to corporations –

    Man who ran care home at centre of abuse scandal is struck off nursing register –

    Benefit sanctions statistics to July 2018 –

    Why patients are calling doctors ‘d*ckheads’ in trending hashtag –

  2. November 16, 2018 7:56 pm

    I’m glad to hear that Makaton is going to be used by CBeebies. This is great for non-verbal children

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