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Video Recording Of PIP Assessments Begins

November 23, 2018

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The testing of video recording of PIP assessments goes live this month, the government has announced. At the same time they also claimed that customer satisfaction with PIP has skyrocketed to almost 90% and appeal rates are falling.

Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people, health and work, told MPs last week that:

There has been a 15% drop in the number of PIP appeals.

The customer satisfaction rating for PIP has risen from 76% to 87%.

PIP assessments consistently meet their quality target, which is over 90%.

As Benefits and Work revealed last year, an extraordinary 56% of Capita’s and 30% of Atos’ PIP assessments were found to be unacceptable – until the DWP changed the criteria in 2016 and the figures dramatically improved.

And as we discovered this year, PIP customer satisfaction surveys are based on a single question being put to claimants by telephone in a process that is not anonymous and is almost certainly carried out before the claimant has their PIP result, when most would prefer not to upset the assessor or the DWP.

In spite of this wealth of apparently positive data, the minister went on to say that:

“I am pleased to say, however, that our plans for the video recording of the assessments are going very well, and the live testing trial will start later this month.”

Benefits and Work is still not aware of any research which supports the idea that PIP claimants would prefer video recording of assessments to the less obtrusive audio recording.

At this stage we also don’t know whether claimants will have the option to have the cameras switched off and sound only to be recorded.

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  1. Iteresa permalink
    November 23, 2018 12:13 am

    To little to late many have died

  2. November 23, 2018 6:42 am

    Criminal Abusing Unqualified PIP Quacks
    To Produce Human Rights Privacy Violating
    Vulnerable Adult Abuse Porn Videos
    For Public Sector Nonce Filth To Masturbate Over.

    If the vermin are using their own equipment then they OWN the recording and COPYRIGHT of YOUR PRIVATE LIFE.

    NONE of the criminals ‘Consent Forms’ I’ve seen mention anything at all about ‘ownership’ or ‘copyright’
    = Using dishonesty to make a gain for themselves (free Abuse Porn Videos)
    = FRAUD by abuse of position , Misconduct In Public Office.

    And Atos Quacks will refuse to reassign copyright to you.
    (I asked when one of the criminal filth tried to record me)

    Don’t sign any ‘Consent Forms’.
    If the criminals insist, then Call The Police.

    Record it YOURSELF and don’t tell them.
    If the criminals find out and LIE about you “failing to participate” (FRAUD) then Call The Police.

    PIP assessment guide part 1 –

    Covert recording of consultations –

    1.6.61 If the HP (Unqualified Criminal Quack) notices that a claimant is covertly recording their consultation, the restrictions relating to the recording of consultations should be explained to the claimant. If the HP (Unqualified Criminal Quack) is content to be recorded, the claimant is content to sign the agreement form and the claimant’s equipment meets the specified requirements, the consultation can continue. If this is not the case the claimant should be asked to stop recording. If the claimant refuses, the consultation should be terminated and the case should be returned to the DWP using the return assessment function with reason failure to participate. The CM will consider whether the claimant has good reason for failing to participate in the consultation.


    Abetting their Hate Criminal Abusing scum to commit Fraud and Misconduct In Public Office, in writing, on their .gov website ….

    Consent Forms –

    Fraud Act 2006 –

    Fraud by failing to disclose information –
    Fraud by abuse of position –
    Fraud by false representation –

    Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (Misrepresentation)

    Misconduct in Public Office –

    Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 –
    Witness Intimidation –

    Criminal Attempts Act 1981 –


    Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter –

    Criminal Justice Act 1988 – Torture

    Disability Hate Crime – Criminal Justice Act 2003 (section 146) –
    Increase in sentences for aggravation related to disability –

    Care Act 2014 –
    Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect –

    Human Rights Act 1998

    Data Protection Act 2018 –

    UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Articles

    UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults –

    Click to access No_secrets__guidance_on_developing_and_implementing_multi-agency_policies_and_procedures_to_protect_vulnerable_adults_from_abuse.pdf

  3. jeffrey davies permalink
    November 23, 2018 6:56 am

    while gov states we happy with pip you got to be joking

  4. November 23, 2018 4:10 pm

    True Jeff,
    I’m only on ESA, been WAY too intimidated to try for PIP too.
    No DWP criminals have ever even mentioned PIP to me.

    Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people, health and work –

    There has been a 15% drop in the number of PIP appeals.
    The customer satisfaction rating for PIP has risen from 76% to 87%.
    PIP assessments consistently meet their quality target, which is over 90%.

    1984 –

  5. Ali permalink
    November 23, 2018 11:16 pm

    Who were the 90% of people who were asked if they were happy with the assesment, Because i was not asked !?

    • November 24, 2018 12:08 pm

      I’ve had 11 Atos/Maximus Quack ESA BS ‘assessments’ in 8.5 years and I’ve never been asked either.

      They just ignore everytime I report their criminal filth to their bent cops –


      I guess their abusing quacks just ask people they know they won’t be lying about, to fake a ‘positive’ result.


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