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Hollyoaks Stars Reveal More On Special Disability Episode

December 7, 2018

Hollyoaks stars have opened up about the soap’s upcoming special diversity episode, which is due to air in the new year.

The episode will see Mandy and Darren make a big decision about their unborn baby, who has spina bifida – a condition where the unborn baby’s spine does not develop properly.

Speaking about the episode, in which Mandy will interact with people with disabilities, actress Sarah Jayne Dunn hinted that it will open her character’s eyes.

We’ve got a really big week that week, but there’s one episode which is a disability awareness episode,” she told press including Digital Spy. “It’s little Oscar [who’s deaf] singing in a little choir, and he is nervous. He doesn’t want to do it. Brooke then helps him.

“Mandy and Brooke [who has autism] have a really lovely scene together where she’s having one of her attacks, and Mandy brings her back around. And there’s a scene with Maxine and Minnie [who has Down’s syndrome]. I’m so excited.

“This episode almost follows Mandy around the village, and she has lots of interactions with people with disabilities. And I think for her, it cements that actually you can have a normal life. She sees these beautiful children living a normal life and being really happy.

“So I think that’s a really lovely episode, and a big moment for her, to go: ‘We can accept this.’ She still wants to give the baby its best chance at a normal life, but she knows that they can accept it.”

Speaking of researching the episode, Sarah continued: “We’re parents ourselves and we’ve read up on spina bifida. It’s actually really quite common as well. I didn’t realise that. It’s like one in every thousand.

“Obviously I’ve had storylines before when Mandy’s had children. But this is the first time where I’ve actually now got my own child, and it is easier to relate to how that must feel, and the decisions that Mandy’s got to come to, and what it all means moving forward for them as parents.”

Speaking of Hollyoaks’ diversity, Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren) said: “The proudest moment for me has always been those moments, when it’s not just about having a giggle and being funny or doing dramatic scenes and all the rest of it – which is all really great.

“But it’s when you actually feel someone, when they talk to you, and they’re genuinely telling you about that experience and how they relate to what you’ve done in the show. You can be quite… I wouldn’t say ‘flippant’ about it at times, because you are going to work, and you’re doing your job. But when you hear that, you realise that you’re hitting home and that’s a rewarding thing.”

Sarah added: “We do do a lot of things first. The show’s always been known for that, and obviously Luke’s rape story, way back when, was one of my first storylines… It’s just that. We do tackle things that other soaps don’t.”

“And the feedback we get from charities is amazing,” Ashley added. “You can do work all year, raising money for charity, but to get people taking it upon themselves to approach the charity and open up – then you’re doing something special. So it’s good.”

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