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Anthony Ford-Shubrook OBE

January 2, 2019

Every time an Honours list is published, Same Difference searches it for disabled people.

This year’s New Year’s Honours was no exception, except that we didn’t have to look very far.

Anthony Ford-Shubrook, a personal friend of our editor, has recently been made an OBE for services to children with disabilities in Africa.

Anthony, 32, is a Trustee of the Alliance For Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) and the Youth Ambassador for AbleChildAfrica, a UK-based charity supported by the Department for International Development.

He described his OBE as “A big surprise!

Speaking about his work with AbleChildAfrica, Anthony said “I have recently returned from Kenya and Rwanda where I was involved in projects that support getting children with disabilities into education.”

He added  “In 2016 I was selected as one of the 17 inaugural Young Leaders for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 18,000 candidates worldwide were put forward for outstanding work in various areas. I was the only delegate selected from Europe and the only delegate with a disability.”

Asked what he hoped the OBE will mean for him, Anthony, modestly, wanted nothing for himself but said instead: “I very much hope that this OBE award will benefit AbleChildAfrica and support its work.

He credited the support he has received from his parents, and his own education, as “a major part of my achieving this award.”

When asked about the possibility of a Knighthood he simply said “Maybe one day!”

Same Difference wishes Anthony the very best in whatever comes next for him professionally. We are truly proud to call him a friend of the site.


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