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DLA To PIP Transfers: Year’s Extension For Some Claimants

January 14, 2019

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The DWP has had to reduce the number of claimants being forced to move from DLA to PIP in the coming year because staff have been diverted to correcting previous PIP errors. Many claimants will now have a reprieve until later in 2020 or even 2021.

The news was released in a written statement just before the Christmas break, by Sarah Newton Minister of State for Disabled People.

Newton revealed that over 250 staff have been taken on by the DWP to review previous PIP decisions where errors may have been made in relation to cases known as MH and RJ.

The MH decision dealt with overwhelming psychological distress whilst RJ related to safety and supervision.

So far, 140,000 cases have been looked at and 1,000 have been paid arrears of, on average, £4,500.

But, because the 250 staff are not enough to get through all the reviews by the end of 2020, staff are being diverted from DLA to PIP transfers to review the previous errors instead.

The minister did not reveal how many claimants will have their DLA to PIP transfer postponed, but the fact that it was announced in parliament suggest that it will be a significant number. Claimants who have their transfer postponed will now be reassessed for PIP in 2020/21.

The most recent PIP statistics show that there has already been a dramatic slowdown in the transfer rate, with the reduction beginning in August 2018.

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