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Wheeling East

January 21, 2019

Same Difference has been asked to publicise this book:

Dear All,

A couple of years ago, Jamie who is one of our adult clients took an epic trip from London to Hong Kong by train through Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, spending eight days on the Trans Siberian railway and finally two weeks travelling around China. He recorded his journey, it originally started out life as a blog; however he has now edited and expanded the text, into a full length book called ‘Wheeling East’ available from Amazon for £18.00.

If you are interested please follow the link below:

Jamie is keen for anyone who decides to buy the book to post a honest review. He would be grate full if we tell everybody we know so that the book reaches the widest possible audience, able bodied and disabled alike.

Jamie’s want to inspire others he says that if one person reads the book and thinks ‘I could undertake a journey like that’ ‘There is a trip I have always wanted to take’, perhaps even ‘I want to read a good book, gaining an insight into places that I never even thought about along the way’, he will have achieved his goal.

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  1. January 21, 2019 7:21 pm

    Just ordered my copy from Amazon, looking forward to it arriving on Wednesday. As someone who has made a few epic journeys in hte last few years and someone who has a fascination for rail journeys and wants to ride the Trans Siberian I look forward to hearing another wheelie’s experiences of this.

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