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How To Lose Your PIP (IMAGE)

March 11, 2019

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  1. March 11, 2019 7:10 pm

    Where is this from???

    No links , No profiles , No names

    IF this person exists..
    did they RECORD the phone call they made? Or screenshot the email?

  2. March 11, 2019 8:38 pm

    Hmmmm –

    Well this screenshot of a posted photo *seems* to have come from here –

    So why doesn’t…
    Nicky 🌹 💙 💜 🇵🇸 ¡No pasaran!
    Vote Labour 🌹 #JC4PM2019

    Get it’s CAPITA employing gang of hate criminal filth (LABOUR) to CALL THE POLICE???

    What a BSing lowlife Fake.

    Capita chairman quits after criticism of loan to Labour –

    Capita Welsh Government –

  3. March 11, 2019 8:57 pm

    … and the original *seems* to be from here –

    Recovery in the Bin
    Follow Follow @RITB_
    Pls note this is one of our members and they are supported and this is being sorted. Not everyone is so lucky to have trusted & informed people around them and the capacity to fight this abuse. NB. Advice Links

    Links to this –

    More “Political” %^&$% who have never heard of Fraud Act , Misconduct in Public Office, Torture , Abuse , Attempted murder.

    Perverting The Course of Justice –

    Fraud Act 2006 –

    Criminal Justice Act 1988 – Torture

    Misconduct in Public Office –

    Criminal Attempts Act 1981 –

    Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter –

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