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Mark Esho Launches Youtube Channel

April 25, 2019

Entrepreneur and author Mark Esho has polio. Last year, I was proud to be asked to attend the launch of his book, I Can: I Will.

I am currently reading this book to review, at the author’s personal request.

If Mark Esho’s Youtube Channel, which he has launched today and requested me to publicise, is half as interesting as his book, I personally think you won’t regret following it!

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  1. April 25, 2019 7:51 pm

    01:56 –
    “I will go to Business Events with the DWP which is the Department of Work and Pensions and I’ll give presentations to other businesses on the benefits of actually employing disabled people”.

    Well, at least he’s honest enough to admit he’s a DWP Quisling.

    What is it Samedifference1? Government Fakes can get away with mass murder… so long as they have wheels bolted to their ass??

    OMFG –

    So his DWP mates “Abuse and Torture” is ok is it?
    Don’t you just Love the ‘UrrrMurrrrKurrrrn’ accent.
    “In July 2013, Esho met with Prime Minister David Cameron and featured as a case study as part of the government’s Disability Confident programme.”
    “has also been cited by the government’s Great Business initiative and the Minister of State for Disabled People at the time, Mike Penning.”

    IT’S ALL ***YOUR*** FAULT –

    1. Stop focusing on what’s happened to you
    (‘Let my DWP mates get away with it’)

    2. Forgive those who have done you wrong
    (‘Let my DWP mates get away with it’)

    3. Learn to understand your feelings
    (‘Let my DWP mates get away with it’)


    Even the Governments DNS says that’s a pile of BS –


  1. A Review Of I Can, I Will By Mark Esho | Same Difference

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