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Heart And Soul: Christianity And Disability

April 29, 2019

Like many disabled people, Damon Rose is regularly approached by Christians who want to pray for him to be healed. Would-be healers claim they’re simply doing what Jesus himself did and what he instructed his followers to do. They may mean well, but the experience can leave disabled people feeling judged as ‘faulty’ and in need of repair. Is this really what Christianity teaches about disability? In this programme, Damon (a blind journalist and open-minded non-believer) investigates different Christian approaches to disability, combining cutting-edge theology with personal stories of faith, hope and human frailty. He joins a group of Christians as they offer healing on the street, attends a healing service and meets the disabled Christians carving out a new ‘theology of disability’.

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  1. April 29, 2019 12:12 pm

    “disabled people feeling judged as ‘faulty’” “cutting-edge theology”
    “(open-minded non-believer)”
    A ‘mind’ so open it’s brains have fallen out.

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