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May 16, 2019

My fiancée Bhavani is seriously ill and has been receiving urgent medical treatment. The doctors say she needs to stay here, but the Home Office want to deport her to India. They even threatened her with deportation whilst she was unconscious in a coma. 

Doctors say her life is at risk if she would be deported. This means the Home Office could be sending her to her death. Will you sign my petition urging the Home Office to make sure she stays?

Bhavani came to the UK nine years ago as a student. After two misdiagnosed operations as a child in India, she got finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the UK. After her studies, she worked in the arts industry in the UK creating a platform for people with chronic illnesses, which has been recognised with the Royal Society of the Arts, the British Council, and the Arts Council England, to name a few:

She paid her taxes like you and me, and as a visa holder, she paid even more into the NHS than British citizens – it’s called ‘Immigration Health Surcharge’. The UK has been her home, and it’s also where we have fallen in love and built a life together. When her Crohn’s disease got worse she needed surgery and had to stop working. So she applied to stay, but the Home Office have refused her application. 

The Home Office have admitted that she wouldn’t get as good care in India, and pointed out that she could get ‘palliative care’ instead.

As if Bhavani’s condition wasn’t critical enough, this whole process has caused her a lot more stress, which is only making her condition worse. 

After Bhavani needed surgery last September there were severe complications and she barely survived. She will need more surgeries to get better again, because her stomach never closed properly – but right now she is too weak to even receive surgery. That’s why she is currently on a drip to gain weight so that she can survive the next surgeries. She can’t travel at all and the surgeons say that it is of “vital importance” that her care continued to be coordinated and performed here in the UK.

The Home Office are reviewing our case, so we need to put as much pressure as possible on them now!

This cruel politics has to end, so that Bhavani can continue to get the care she desperately needs.

Will you sign my petition urging the Home Office to allow Bhavani to stay?

Thanks so much for supporting our cause. If you are interested in Bhavani’s work visit her webpage: You can also donate directly to support her on 

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  1. May 16, 2019 6:01 pm

    None of the links go to the petition – just a wee heads up there.

    Outrageous, poor girl.

    – Esme Cloud

  2. May 16, 2019 6:26 pm

    The link to the petition is in the first three words of the article.

    • May 16, 2019 7:13 pm

      Ah, it didn’t jump out to me at all. Thank you for letting me know. I’ll pass it on through various channels. I know Crohn’s of old.

      – Esme Cloud

  3. May 19, 2019 5:41 am

    I’m astonished at what Bhavani has been put through. Whilst I’m unable to help with the petition regarding her mistreatment by the “authorities”, I can offer some advice to help relieve the physical pain experienced with “Crohns Disease”. My brother suffered severe Crohn’s disease several years ago & has been symptom free since trying a strange & bizarrely simple home treatment he saw recommended on the internet after a “google” search for more information on the condition. I refused to take it seriously at first, but after having witnessed his success in overcoming the condition despite failure in every medical intervention previously attempted, and his restarting normal life after being crippled in pain regardless of any & all treatments in NHS hospitals, I freely & readily offer this tip in the hope that Bhavani might try it & possibly thereby get some relief from this unbearable illness. I’m aware that it sounds crazy & unbelievable (that was my own reaction), but it has worked. Its possible that his Crohns simply disappeared coincidently at the same time as he started his self-administered “cure”, but it is such a simple, cheap & relatively safe a treatment, it can’t be too much trouble to at least try it out in the hope that it helps. He read many repeated claims that other sufferers had tried several daily “Gin & Tonic” drinks. He tried it himself and totally to his surprise, his symptoms disappeared within a week & have never returned. How or why it appears to work is beyond my understanding. It may be because of the “Juniper” (that gives Gin its distinctive flavour), as I can’t think of anything else people consume that includes it. Or it may be the “Quinine” that has long been a main ingredient in even the cheapest supermarket-bought “Tonic Water” – which is widely known to be a successful treatment for “Malaria”. I personally don’t think it is the “alcohol” content of the drink, as he used to drink about the same number of “units” per day before switching to this traditional “English” cocktail, but all previous preferred drinks were without benefit. Whatever the reason, the fact is that he has been pain free for 3 years now. He continues to have a few daily tipples, so we don’t know if the Crohns is permanently cured or just masked as long as he continues to imbibe, and he is understandably loathe to stop his daily tipple for fear the crippling pain might return. So I would advise trying it out for a few weeks, and ceasing a couple of weeks after becoming symptom free. If the symptoms return after ceasing this simple, relatively cheap & commonly available treatment, try restarting, and if symptoms once again disappear, try reducing the daily amount until a minimum level that still works is achieved. Then try eliminating one of the two ingredients, in order to test if it is the Gin, or the Tonic Water, that effects the cure. After all, if the beneficial effect is down to the Tonic Water, then there will be no reason (other than simple enjoyment) to continue to consume alcohol daily. If this treatment advice is successful, I only ask that Bhavani pass on this advice – say for instance by publishing her own story about this treatment on the internet (perhaps on twitter or facebook) so that others may benefit. I WISH BHAVANI ALL THE VERY BEST OF LUCK IN THIS, AND ALSO IN OVERCOMING THE IDIOCY & HEARTLESSNESS OF THE (SO CALLED) AUTHORITIES!

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