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Love Island Says Disabled People Wouldn’t Be Attractive

June 3, 2019

Parent of a wheelchair user and disability campaigner Daniel White recently shared the following on Facebook:

Statement from the boss of @LoveIsland confirms that overweight & Disabled people wouldn’t be attractive to the cast. Absolutely shockingly vain & narrow minded. Sums up the vanity & not so hidden message of Ableism & determination to promote body dysmorphia in this “show”

Image may contain: text that says ""It's about people wanting to watch and them reacting and falling in love with another. Yes, we want to be as representative as possible but we also want them to be attracted to one another.""

Same Difference shares Daniel’s deep disappointment at this statement. Our editor, physically disabled since birth, knows better than most that disabled people are attractive, that people of all abilities and all disabilities do find disabled people attractive and fall in love with us.




In fact, during Big Brother 2008, our editor herself took a shine to both the appearance and the personality of contestant Darnell Swallow, who had Albinism. She also happens to find BBC Three star Jono Lancaster very physically attractive.




On a slightly more serious note, she strongly believes that disabled people, as well as being attractive, are more than capable of finding and choosing their own love interests and/or romantic partners- without any help from trashy, disablist TV programmes with outdated opinions.




So, disabled readers, Same Difference believes that we shouldn’t care that Love Island doesn’t seem to find Us Lot attractive. We don’t need ’em, anyway.




They need us though, to view their trashy programme and give ’em ratings. We have non-disabled family members and friends and even (shock horror) non-disabled romantic partners who may wish to join us in never watching Love Island again because Love Island have chosen to reveal this outdated opinion in public.



But, readers, if Love Island doesn’t care about its power to reach a mass audience and influence their opinions on all differences, why should our editor, who has never seen their programme in her life, and now has even less of a wish ever to do so, waste her time and sarcasm writing articles about their outdated policies and the damage these outdated policies could do?


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