Thousands of severely disabled people who were wrongly left about £100 a month worse off after moving onto universal credit are still being denied the money they are owed, MPs have warned.

The government was condemned for failing to compensate the vulnerable claimants – despite losing a High Court case – amid growing fears of a further delay until the autumn.

Ministers have also failed to pass promised regulations to start the next stage of universal credit, with just four days to go until MPs pack up for their long summer break.

Frank Field, chairman of the commons work and pensions committee, attacked the delays, saying: “About 10,000 people are still waiting for compensation.

“Why won’t the government stop fighting this all the way through the courts and just get on with giving disabled people the money they’re owed?”

Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, will be confronted over the impasse in an evidence session on Wednesday – although she could be moved hours later, in Boris Johnson’s expected reshuffle.