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February 7, 2020

This is a guest post.

 Kenya as a country pretend to have policies of addressing disability, but they are functional. We have International rights for the disabilities, But people concern (Disabled) have no information. The community that lives with people living with disabilities don’t have the information. 1) Severe disabilities who are still locked in houses. 2) We still have discrimination employment with people with disability. 3) Disability education is very expensive in Kenya. 4) Supportive assistive, equipment are very expensive in fact we depend on donation from outside. 5) Life: generally people living with disability in Kenya, nationally don’t have houses. – Those married are really mistreated whether men or women. So their children have problems being moved here and there. So our needs are: i) To create awareness and empowerment on rights and policies of the disabilities. ii) We need to source for school fees for disabled persons. iii) We need to acquire supportive equipments iv) We need to create economic empowerment for people with disabilities so that they can create small project so that they can help themselves. To address all these we need strong support and network and collaborate with individual, national, regional and international donor funding. UHAI COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT FORUM (UHAI CEF) MOSES OMUKUNDA MAKACHIA PHONE: +254795512492 EMAIL:

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