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Fostering with a Disability | Interview with Jon Powton

February 10, 2020

Life Of An Ambitious Turtle

Disabled father, sat in powered wheelchair looking out to sea with a pair of binoculars with a young boy with blonde hair standing on the back of his wheelchair smiling

Welcome to a brand new series on ‘Life of an Ambitious Turtle’ where we’re going to be unlocking doors, challenging stigmas and leaving no stone unturned on an alternative and incredibly rewarding route to parenthood – Fostering!

Wait a minute… Can people with disabilities/medical conditions even apply to be a foster carer in the UK? Every disabled person I have asked assumed you had to be fit as a fiddle or face being denied at the first mention of the D-bomb! It was this mindset I held too, that stopped our family 8 years ago from applying to adopt, despite my parents had encouraged me to go down the adoption path from a very young age rather than have my own children due to the complexity pregnancy would hold with Muscular Dystrophy. My fiance and I simply assumed like so many others, we wouldn’t stand a chance and went…

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