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Coronation Street’s Gemma And Chesney Are Told Their Son Aled Is Deaf In New Scenes

February 12, 2020

Coronation Street has confirmed that Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter’s next big storyline will begin next week, as they learn that their baby son Aled has profound hearing loss.

Chesney (Sam Aston) and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) are told the news after heading to an important appointment at the hospital with Aled.

Aled is given a hearing test, while Chesney and Gemma wait for news. The audiologist later confirms that Aled has profound permanent hearing loss in both of his ears.

Gemma feels upset over the news, especially when she’s told that Aled has been deaf since birth and has never heard her say that she loves him.

Chesney tries his best to comfort Gemma, promising that he’ll always be by her side and they’ll face any challenges with Aled together.

Chesney pulls Gemma in for a hug, but it’s clear that she feels far from reassured.

Coronation Street bosses have been working with Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Trafford Deaf Children’s Society while developing Aled’s storyline.

The show will explore how Gemma and Chesney cope with the diagnosis and the help which is available for Aled and the family, including hearing assistance equipment

Although Gemma initially finds the news upsetting, there are many positive messages in the storyline in the weeks and months to follow.

A Coronation Street spokesperson recently said: “This is a very important story to tell and will resonate with many parents who have gone through their children being diagnosed with hearing problems and the challenges that this throws up for the child, the parents and the whole family.”

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