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Coronavirus Pandemic: The Cabin Fever Podcast

March 20, 2020

Welcome to this new pop-up podcast to see you through the days of Covid-19. Let’s get started.

We’ve all heard the information that coronavirus can be easily managed unless “you are vulnerable and have an underlying health condition” – but what if you ARE one of those people?

Among the doom and gloom of the pandemic is BBC Ouch! A bunch of journalists who will keep it real.

Turns out you may have one-up on the general population if you’re disabled – you might be used to self-isolating, cutting back on social occasions and working from home. Maybe this is really your time to show the world the way.

Emma Tracy is in Scotland and has blind-person concerns about relying on touch so much to get around, Octavia Woodward has SMA with only 25% lung capacity and is about to flee to Somerset because her care-package has gone haywire, and fresh from receiving a food delivery is Natasha Lipman who’s a-ok and totally used to working from home 99% of the time.

Oh and there’s Beth Rose, our token non-disabled. The least we can do is humour her worries about a touch of isolation and bring her around to our way of thinking.

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