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The Diabetic Duo Talk Being High Risk- And Wearing Tye Dye Loungewear

April 9, 2020

Beth and Ellen had been enjoying their moment in the spotlight as the Diabetic Duo when coronavirus came along.

The type 1 diabetics had become known for their videos on the social media platform TikTok and dispelled myths around the condition, but the current pandemic and self-isolation has meant they’ve had to get creative with how they make their content.

In this episode of Cabin Fever the duo reveal why diabetes is classed as High Risk in relation to Covid-19, how their emotions affect their blood sugar levels and their recent obsession with tie-dye loungewear.

This week’s presenters are having quite different quarantine issues. Simon Minty is a little person and says that had a stranger turned away from him in the street he would have taken it badly a few weeks ago – now it’s positively welcome!

And Emma feels liberated by lockdown. As a blind mum she says her house and garden are her “castle” and being at the home she knows so well means she can run about and play with her young boys independently.

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