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Lipreading In Lockdown

April 24, 2020

Award-winning screenwriter Charlie Swinbourne has plenty to keep him busy during lockdown as he develops storylines for deaf characters with EastEnders and Casualty.

He reveals what it’s like to be deaf at a time when everyone is social-distancing and where mouths are covered by masks, making lip-reading impossible. The writer and journalist also talks about the hashtag #WhereIsTheInterpreter which raised awareness of the fact sign language interpreters do not appear at the daily British government briefings. The hashtag has now morphed into a crowdfunding project to take the government to court using equality laws but Number 10 says it provides signers via the BBC News Channel.

Beyond politics we head to soap land to get the scoop on Charlie’s TV projects and, if you’re thinking of giving writing a try, he has some top tips to get you started and keep you going.

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