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Warning Over Blocking Calls Without Caller ID For PIP Phone Assessments

April 27, 2020

With many thanks to Benefits And Work, who raise a good point.

We are hearing from an increasing number of members who have missed their PIP telephone assessment because they block calls where the caller hides their ID.

Most health professionals carrying out telephone assessments are working from home and using their own telephone, so they are hiding their number from claimants.

However, many people have set up their phones so that they either do not accept calls where the caller’s number is hidden, or the call goes straight through to their answering service.

The result is that the health professional calls the claimant, can’t speak to them and hands the issue back to the assessment provider, IAS or Capita.

IAS or Capita will either then contact the claimant to try to rearrange the appointment and ensure that calls are not blocked or, in the worst cases, gives the case back to the DWP on the grounds that the claimant failed to attend their telephone assessment.

So, if you are due a telephone assessment, please make sure that callers who have hidden their number can still get through to you.

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