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Thousands Sign Up For Birmingham Teen’s BSL Lessons

May 6, 2020

A 15-year-old has created a series of videos teaching British Sign Language (BSL) during lockdown.

Tyrese Dibba, who has Charge Syndrome, and is deaf and partially sighted, released the videos with charity Sense in a bid to tackle isolation among people with disabilities.

The Birmingham student said more people learning BSL would “help the deaf community feel part of wider society”.

More than 7,000 people have signed up for the free classes.

“I want more people to learn to sign, so deaf people don’t get excluded,” Tyrese said.

“You should be able to chat to someone, whatever their disability might be.

“After all, no one likes feeling left out.”

‘Proud to be deaf’

His mother, Vicky Dibba, added: “I’m very proud of how Tyrese just got on with filming, not hiding any of his personality.

“Tyrese is proud to be deaf and feels more people should treat everybody equally and I’m happy to support him.”

Richard Kramer, chief executive of Sense, said: “BSL is the first language for hundreds of thousands of people who are deaf, and if more people are able to use it we can ensure that less people are left out, helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst disabled people.

“It’s really fun to learn and an ideal time to learn, with so many of us stuck at home looking for new things to do.”


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