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Capt Tom Moore’s Tribute For ‘Captain Tobias’ Marathon

June 8, 2020

A boy, with cerebral palsy, says he is “chuffed to bits” after receiving a message from Captain Tom Moore who inspired his own fundraising challenge.

Tobias Weller, nine, completed a 70-day 26.2 miles (42km) walk on the Sheffield street outside his home on Sunday.

Originally aiming to raise £500 the total passed the £100,000 mark on Thursday.

The funds raised will go to his school, Paces Sheffield, and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

‘I salute you’

Capt Tom’s family offered their congratulations through his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore, who said: “”Well good morning Captain Tobias. On behalf of Captain Sir Tom Moore and the entire family, wow – well done.

“What an achievement. We are so, so proud of you. Have a lovely day.”

obias replied on his Twitter feed: “I got a message from Sir Captain Tom Moore!!! Boom!!!!! I salute you, Captain!”

His mum, Ruth Garbutt, posted a video on social media of her waking Tobias on Friday morning with the news about the £100,000 milestone.

The youngster, nicknamed Captain Tobias in honour of Capt Tom, said it was “magnificent” and that he was “chuffed to bits”.

Capt Tom raised more than £32m for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden at his Bedfordshire home before his 100th birthday in April.

The charities benefitting from Tobias’ fundraising efforts have both expressed their delight at his achievement. Paces Sheffield is a specialist education centre for children and adults with neurological conditions.

David Vernon-Edwards, director of The Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “Captain Tobias’ remarkable determination and effort in completing his lockdown marathon has touched the hearts and inspired people not only in Sheffield, but across the country and around the world.

Julie Booth, head of fundraising for Paces Sheffield, said: “We are so incredibly proud of Captain Tobias.”


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