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BREAKING: Dame Vera Lynn Dies Aged 103

June 18, 2020

Same Difference shares the national sadness of the UK, where this morning we have woken up to the news of death of Dame Vera Lynn at age 103.

Dame Vera Lynn was known to many as a talented singer of beautiful wartime songs.

However, something that we discovered, quite by accident, about her was that she was also heavily involved in charity work for children with Cerebral Palsy. This is something she had in common with our editor, who admires her a great deal for her contribution to this very important, special and personal cause.

The website of the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity says:

In 1953 she helped form The Stars Organisation for Spastics, which raised money in support of the Spastics Society that went on to become national charity Scope, starting her link to children with cerebral palsy. Her support and commitment to them continued with the establishment of the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity in 2001 which she heads as President.  She has devoted much of her time to the Charity, visiting to meet the parents and children, as well as attending Charity fundraising events, including the Celebration Dinner at the Imperial War Museum in October 2009, the Charity’s 10th Anniversary Ball at the London Lancaster in April 2010 and her own 95th Birthday Celebration Lunch at South Lodge Hotel in March 2012, along with numerous fundraising events throughout her time as President of the Charity.

She said: “My role as President is hugely important to me. For a family to be suddenly and unexpectedly faced with the news their child is affected by cerebral palsy is a life-altering experience. The special attention their child will need in his or her early years is woefully lacking in the public sector. The free service our charity provides is a lifeline to our families and helps to ensure their child achieves their maximum potential.”

Same Difference never found out why Dame Vera Lynn had such an interest in Cerebral Palsy, but we thank her for it very sincerely. Personal connections to good causes are personal, but a celebrity’s platform to use their fame and fortune to raise awareness of good causes does more good than we can say when it is made public. So perhaps any personal connection Dame Vera may have had to the cause doesn’t matter.

Dame Vera Lynn’s most recognisable hit, We’ll Meet Again, has become a bit of an anthem in the UK in the last three months, over our national lockdown. In tribute, we share it here, and ask you to tell the disabled person in your life today in any method of communication they can understand: Don’t worry, we’ll meet again.

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