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Tony Hudgell, 5, Completes 10km Walk On Prosthetic Legs

June 29, 2020

A five-year-old boy who had to have both legs amputated has completed his 10km walking challenge.

Tony Hudgell, from Kings Hill in Kent, needed the surgery because of abuse by his birth parents when he was a baby.

He set out to raise £500 for the Evelina London Children’s Hospital by walking a combined 10km in June and has raised more than £1m.

Although he has now completed the distance he plans to keep walking daily until the end of the month.

Tony’s adoptive father Mark Hudgell told the BBC: “As a family we are all incredibly proud at what Tony has achieved.

“The level of donation and the improvement in his walking over the past 26 days has blown away all expectations.

“The support and kind words we have received is phenomenal – from friends, the local community, throughout the UK and even worldwide.”

Tony set the target of walking 10km in a month after being inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore.

He was “over the moon” when his fundraising for the hospital that saved his life topped £1m on Monday.

His adoptive mother Paula Hudgell said; “This was set up to improve his walking, which would give us an idea if prosthetics were a solution, which we’ve seen they are.”

Mr Hudgell said his son would be celebrating his achievement with a small socially-distancing gathering of family, friends and hospital representatives.

He said the support and donations Tony had received had been “overwhelming”.

Mr Hudgell said: “Tony will continue to improve his walking with the aid of crutches.

“However in the past two days, with the confidence he has gained from this experience, he has tried to stand up and take a step unaided – this will be his next challenge.”

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