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58% Of Disabled People Feel Anxious About The Easing Of Lockdown Rules

July 20, 2020

A press release:

A survey conducted by Disability Horizons has found that nearly 60% of disabled and chronically ill people feel really anxious about the easing of lockdown restrictions, and 49% feel the same about the changes to the shielding guidelines.

We spoke to 267 disabled people and those with health conditions, as well as people living with someone who is disabled or chronically unwell.

  • 58% feel really anxious about the easing of lockdown restrictions

  • 49% feel really anxious about the changes to shielding guidelines.

83% of people who participated in the survey live in England, where the highest number of restrictions have been lifted in the UK so far.

One respondent commented: “I don’t understand how the advice has changed when the situation has not been resolved. No vaccine has yet been found, there is no medication to deal with the virus and the fact that we are having local flare-ups is a sign that it has not gone away.”

Specific concerns included:

  • the changes being “too much too soon”

  • people who have been shielding being forced back to work

  • the Government stopping its help with medication and food

  • other people not adhering to social distancing rules.

One participant said: “It feels like the support is being removed too quickly without a proper structure. It will become very tricky for some people to cope with day-to-day life without having to go out.”

Some more optimistic results

  • 37% and 44% of people say they feel fairly happy but a little apprehensive about the changes to lockdown and shielding

  • Just 3% (9 people) and 6% (17 people) said they are happy with the changes to lockdown and shielding.

Read the full results, additional comments and real-life stories from people affected by the pandemic.

Disability Horizons Shop

In response to the pandemic, we have created two useful products to help disabled people through this difficult time.

For those unable to wear a face mask due to their health condition or disability, our face mask exception card, which comes on a lanyard or badge clip, will help them to avoid being wrongly fined.

With the Government having announced today that face coverings will be compulsory in shops in England from 24th July, and face masks already being mandatory on transport in England and Scotland, this card will be vital for many.

People who fail to comply with the rules could be fined £100. Our card gives people who are genuinely exempt the confidence to shop and travel without fear of retribution.

Our social distancing sash is an immediate, striking signal to help others understand the importance of keeping socially distant from someone who has a disability or health condition, something that can be difficult to communicate from afar.

Large, bold lettering states “KEEP 2M DISTANCE” and it is available in two colours – red with white text, or yellow with black text.

Our sash could be particularly useful if someone is unable to easily or quickly move away from someone who has come too close, and for anyone with a hidden disability or condition that makes them at greater risk if you catch Covid-19 but has no other way to convey that.

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