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Lego- In Braille

August 21, 2020

A big thanks from everyone at Same Difference to Lego for launching Braille bricks. This will allow children who need them to feel wanted and included by the rest of the world while they are being used, and other children to learn from an early age that there is nothing wrong with needing to read Braille.

Lego is launching a new version of its plastic bricks featuring braille in seven countries.

The new bricks are the same shape as the regular ones, but the studs on top have been rearranged.

“The bricks are moulded so that the studs on top reflect individual letters and numbers in the braille alphabet while remaining fully compatible with the Lego system,” a statement from the Danish toymaker said.

The bricks also feature a printed version of the symbol or letter.

Lego said it wanted to encourage blind and visually impaired children to explore new ways of learning to read and write.

“With thousands of audio books and computer programmes on the market today, fewer young people are learning braille. Yet individuals with blindness or impaired vision all over the world rely on braille to work, study and enjoy their daily lives to the fullest,” the company said.

The new bricks will be sold first in Brazil, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and the US, before being extended to another 13 countries in early 2021.

In 2019, Lego allocated 25% of its earnings to the Lego Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children.

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