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Giving kids with disabilities the message that being different is great! Paediatric Occupational Therapist Hannah Ward debuts with two charming picture books.

September 8, 2020

A press release:

“Often disability/impairment or disorders are not regularly discussed within all family units,” says Hannah Ward, “and I think sometimes this is just simply because it is not directly present or affecting that family. Families may not know how to discuss topics around disability/impairment or disorder. But this is where I want to start encouraging and opening up regular and informative conversations within families and I believe my books can help make the unknown, known.”

In Clicket Cricket Joins a Band, there isn’t anything Clicket Cricket wants more than to share his love of music. But he is too shy to do anything about it because he has a stammer that makes him very nervous to speak in front of people – let alone sing! But with his friends’ help, his dream could finally be in reach – if only he has the courage to get up on stage!

In Perm Worm and A Different Day, we meet Perm Worm who struggles with everyday life. You see, Perm Worm has autism which is something that just makes it a little harder for him to cope when anything changes in his day to day life. One day, Perm Worm has a very hard day and he struggles to find a way to show it. Luckily, with the support of his family, there may be a way forward. It just takes a big amount of courage from a small worm.

“My inspiration behind writing these books are both the children I have worked and working with as a paediatric occupational therapist but also my own wonderful children,” Hannah explains. “I absolutely love working with the amazing, inspirational children and families in my care and I am in constant awe of them.”

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