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Is DWP Failing To Send Out PIP Review Forms?

September 18, 2020

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Fears of another DWP mess are growing as Benefits and Work members tell us that they have not received a PIP review form or a further extension of their PIP award.


The claimants are all within six months of the end of their PIP award and would normally expect to have received an AR1 review form.

One member, posting on the forum, told us that their PIP was due to end in January but they had not received a review form.

On the moderator’s advice they contacted the DWP and were told that if they had not done so their PIP would have stopped in January, as there was nothing on the system to say a review form should be sent out.

Another member in the same position also rang the DWP. Within a week they had received a review form which needed to be returned within a month.

One member whose claim is due to stop at the end of January phoned to ask when they could expect a review form.

The advisor told them it was a good job they had called because they seemed to have been overlooked. They said that a form would be sent out in the next few days.

Yet another member in the same position was asked to wait a few more weeks to see if the form was sent out, but when they objected that this would give them less time to return it and have a decision made, the DWP agreed to send the review form out.

In some cases, even when our member has called and been told that form will now be sent out, they are still waiting for it to arrive.

It may be that the DWP will make further extensions of PIP awards in the coming weeks and months. But there is concern that there is a growing element of chaos in the department.

Anyone who is within six months of their award ending and who wishes to be sent a review form should consider contacting the DWP to ask for one to be sent out and keep a record of the time and date of the call.

We would be interested to her from anyone else who has not received an expected PIP form.

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